Preparing for ‘the Theater of Your Dreams’

September 15, 2005

Incredibly our 70th season is almost finished.

Even more surprising this year is that instead of running until the middle of October we are closing September 18, about three weeks early.  As you may know we are closing early this year (and this year only!) to make way for the building of our new theater and audience pavilion.

Construction crews need to get started now so we can have the project complete and ready for our opening night June 20, 2006.  Even with giving the contractors a three-week jump start on the building I am sure it will come down to the wire next spring.

It’s a big job and one we have spent years planning.  We have hired the best theater architects, consultants, and construction managers we could find to make sure we get this project right.  After all you only get one chance every 70 years or so to build the theater of your dreams.

I imagine back in 1937 when the Fisher family started building our current theater they felt the same excitement and anticipation that I do.  They were creating a new theater in the middle of the Great Depression and must have wondered at times what in the world they were doing.  Fortunately for us they had the vision to build a theater for the future and created a wonderful space that has served us well for seven decades.

We are undertaking the same quest today.  We have reworked and rethought every inch of the new space to assure that what we create will serve us well next year as well as for years to come.  The new theater will finally bring us up to modern theatrical standards and allow us the flexibility as artists to explore plays we haven’t been able to in the current space.

I cannot adequately express how excited and joyous I get when I picture the new theater in my mind.  It will be an amazing and important step forward for the Peninsula Players and for Door County.  It is time an institution as loved and respected around the country as the Players has an equally magnificent space in which to create our art. The birth of the new space can only add to Door County’s national reputation as a beautiful county chock full of great art and artists.

If you haven’t had the chance to see the beautiful plans for the new theater I invite you to give me a call.  I know once you see the care and planning that has gone into making this new theater; once you see how wonderful the space will be and how it respects and retains the Peninsula Players traditions, you too will be bubbling with anticipation.

In the meantime come by and see the wonderful old theatre that has served us well since 1937.  She’s a bit ragged around the edges, but her spirit is strong and she’s ready for a new adventure.  We will use parts of her in the new space, so she’s not really going away, just being given a long overdue makeover.  If you want to own a piece of Players history we are selling our current theater seats.  Call our box office and you can reserve yours today. See you at the theatre!

“Escanaba in Da Moonlight” runs through Sunday, September 18.  For tickets call our box office at 920-868-3287 or visit us on the web at