Rehearsals as Crazy as Interns’ Antics

July 13, 2006

It’s 8 am the morning of the Fourth of July and our eight blurry-eyed interns are sitting around the breakfast tables in the lodge enjoying delicious bagel and egg sandwiches and consuming coffee at a rather disconcerting pace.

At first glance, it appears to be the start of another ordinary day at Peninsula Players.  However, the Fourth of July is always anything but ordinary for our interns.  This year’s group quickly learns this as they finish breakfast and head to the costume shop to prepare for the day.

Instead of donning their usual work jeans and t-shirts, the interns dress in costumes pulled from the theater’s newly relocated stock (The new theater has a real costume storage room!), and quickly transform themselves into characters from past productions.

Soon, it looks like Peninsula Players is the setting for a British farce as a gondolier, doctor, man in drag (missing his wig), Little Red Riding Hood, and a variety of other oddball characters roam the beer garden laughing and carrying loads of red, white and blue bunting, American flags, and baskets to and from the company van.

After many photos and much laughter, the interns pile into the van and, with Erin, sporting a patriotic cap, at the helm, begin work for the day.  Yes, that’s right…work.

The interns’ task for the day was to represent Peninsula Players in the Baileys Harbor and Egg Harbor parades and hand out advertising materials and candy along the way.  So, off they went!

Of course, the interns weren’t shy about their task and attracted attention along both parade routes with silly antics and comical shenanigans.

In Egg Harbor, Andy (dressed as Raggedy Ann) was seen cartwheeling his way through town.  Skylar, dressed as a German barmaid, strutted her stuff as she danced to the music.  Matt, dressed as Jimmer from last season’s popular closing show, “Escanaba in Da Moonlight,” wandered the streets with a coonskin cap and dazed look on his face.  Meanwhile, our dashing gondolier, Tyler, and Little Red, Emily, took time to pose for photos with young members of the crowd.  Everyone took it in stride when they were attacked with water balloons late in the day!

Upon their return to property, a little more sun-burned and tired than when they left, the interns were bubbling over with fun stories from the road.

Of course, when comparing tales with the actors over dinner, it quickly became apparent everyone had actually had quite similar days.  While the interns were out and about, the actors in our upcoming production of “Noises Off” were similarly running around, throwing things at each other, falling down stairs and exhausting themselves as they rehearsed.  The only difference is they weren’t in costumes at the time.

Now, however, a week later, the actors are fully costumed (albeit sometimes in bed sheets) and performing the crazy antics of an imaginary, though quite realistic, acting company nightly Tuesdays through Sundays on our stage in Michael Frayn’s comedy.

Please join us in our new home for a night of madcap comedy and hilarity with “Noises Off” which runs through July 30.  For tickets, visit our website at or phone the box office at 920-868-3287.  See you by the bay!

Megan Felsburg is Director of Development at Peninsula Players Theatre.