Peninsula Players Interns Get to do it All

August 3, 2006

Amanda M. Scholz, Andy North, David Harmann, Emily Mott, Kim Van Tuyl, Matthew R. Albrecht, Skylar Hinds and Tyler Stoltenberg have long, full days at the Players.  They work hard and learn a lot and I am told are having fun doing it.  For our interns every day is a new adventure.  They are learning new skills and gaining working knowledge of building and running shows.

“I love working at the Players because I am learning a lot about the inner workings of professional theater,” Matt commented while stuffing tickets into envelopes.  Matt is a graduate of St. Mary’s University in Winona, Minnesota and will be attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison this fall in its graduate lighting program.

All of the interns are from various theater programs across the United States.  Peninsula Players has a unique internship program.

The interns’ duties rotate as the shows change.  Most theater internships are limited to only one area of work such as working in a costume shop all summer.

At the Players, we want to give our interns a well-rounded look at what it takes to produce a show, from working in the scene shop, to selling tickets, to helping the stage manager in rehearsals and backstage, to assisting patrons in the parking lots and ushering in the theater.

In the 1930s these positions were titled apprentices. In many ways they still are as we create a learning environment for them.  The interns work side-by-side with theater professionals day in and day out and they attend workshops hosted by various company members throughout the summer.

Since arriving for their first day of work May 30, this year’s interns have rotated through several different daytime and nighttime duties.  Most have learned how to use our computerized ticketing system while others are learning the workings of the costume shop, or are working with our props master and stage manager.

Those working in the scene shop have been learning how to work with power tools if they didn’t know how already.  Those in the shop rotation for the build of Cabaret are learning how to prepare and work with steel as well as wood.

That is just their daytime jobs.  Around 5 p.m. each night they prepare for the show.  The light board operator checks each light to make sure the lamp isn’t burnt out or that it hasn’t been bumped by something and is out of focus.  The sound operator checks the speakers and microphones to make sure they are working while the rest of the running crew places props, sweeps and mops the stage.

“When people ask me if I enjoy working here I simply respond – this is my dream job,” Matt said.  “To work in one of the most beautiful places in the country is something most people do not have the chance to do.”

One of Matt’s favorite tasks this season was to help Master Electrician Dale with the wiring of our garden lighting.

“This was my first experience with outdoor lighting and I learned so much doing it,” Matt said.  “The most rewarding part of the project was turning everything on opening night and seeing all of it working properly!”

If you visit the Players and see a show you’ll see our hardworking interns in action.  You’ll also catch the award-winning musical Cabaret.  With such memorable songs as “Wilkommen” and the title number, this timeless classic about the now legendary Sally Bowles helped cement the careers of Joel Grey and Liza Minnelli.

For tickets call the box office at 868-3287 or visit  Perhaps I’ll see you by the bay, where the sun sets, the curtain rises and the stars shine!

Audra Baakari Boyle is the Players Business Manager and has been with the company for an eventful 12 seasons and is proud to have helped foster the theatrical careers of many interns over the years.