Christmas Comes Early

August 11, 2005

It is hard to believe that we have reached the mid-point of the season.  After working hard all summer on the shows, the company generally needs a little stress relief.  In our collective memory we don’t know when the tradition of Christmas in July started, but we celebrate it with gusto three days of every year by being Secret Santas and exchanging gifts.

This year, Christmas in July happens to be in August.  For three extremely entertaining days, company members go on treasure hunts, spout Shakespeare at lunch, wear purple braided wigs, and sing a ditty for their dinner.  In my case, I had my desk supplies removed and was left with overly large items to work with instead.  Which I liked since now no one can “borrow” my extra large pencil or pen and get away with it!

As always it was a highly festive occasion complete with turkey dinner and carols.  Grabbing time between performances and rehearsals company members formed committees to provide entertainment, make food and decorate the lodge.  When the final party arrived, everyone was decked out in their holiday best and the tree in the lodge was sprinkled with tinsel and towered over a stack of colorfully wrapped gifts.   A wonderful evening was had by all.

All too soon our current production, “Tom, Dick and Harry” will be closing, but hopefully not before you’ve had a chance to catch this madcap comedy!  The wild adventures of the brothers Tom, Dick and Harry have patrons laughing very heartily every evening.

August 21 is quickly approaching and with the close of “Tom, Dick and Harry” a handful of the company will be leaving us for the season including Carmen Roman, Cassandra Bissell, Karen Janes Woditsch and Tom Mula.  We also will be losing many of our hard working interns to their respective schools to continue their more formal education.   We will miss them dearly.

With the opening of our fall show, “Escanaba in Da Moonlight” we will be down to our skeletal fall staff.  This year, the fall staff will be busier than usual since fall duties will not only include show maintenance, but also helping to clear out all the costumes, lighting instruments, and other equipment which are stored in the stagehouse before construction on the new theater begins at the end of September.

Don’t miss your chance to visit us backstage as well.  Join us for a tour and hear backstage stories, see the actor’s dressing rooms, the backstage walls which are covered with old show posters and the signatures of some of our more current company members.  (By current I mean within the past 30 years.)  We have two more backstage tours quickly approaching; just call the box office to get on the list for either August 14 or September 10 at 1 p.m.

For tickets to “Tom, Dick and Harry” or “Escanaba in Da Moonlight” you can visit our website at or phone the box office at 920-868-3287.  Perhaps I’ll see you by the bay, where the sun sets, the curtain rises and the stars shine!