2005 Plays

The Uneasy Chair

Cast Photos Cast Captain Josiah Wickett Greg Vinkler Miss Amelia Pickles Carmen Roman Miss Alexandrina Crosbie Karen Janes Woditsch Mr. John Darlington Patrick New Edward Cagebee and Others Tom Mula …

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Red Herring

Cast Photos Cast Maggie Pelletier Karen Janes Woditsch Frank Keller James Leaming Lynn McCarthy Cassandra Bissell James Appel Patrick New Mrs. Kravitz Carmen Roman Andrei Borchevsky Greg Vinkler Photos

Tom, Dick and Harry

Cast Photos Cast Tom Kerwood Kevin McKillip Linda Kerwood Karen Janes Woditsch Dick Kerwood Joe Foust Harry Kerwood Patrick New Katerina Cassandra Bissell Andreas Tom Mula Constable Downs James Leaming …

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Escanaba in the Moonlight

Cast Photos Cast Albert Soady Jonathan Weir Rueben Soady Kevin McKillip Remnar Soady Patrick New Jimmer Negamanee Joe Foust Ranger Tom Treado James Leaming Wolf Moon Dance Gina Abromson Photos